High Cost Level Qaulity Pinion Shaft Certified by BV, SGS, ISO9001: 2008 with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

CIC is the casting, forging and heat treatment center in central-south CZPT . It can produce more than 260 kinds of castings and forgings of common carbon, alloyed structure, heat, wear-resistance, stainless steel, roll, rotor, pressurized container, bearing, tools and dies, aviation and space flight, etc. It can also supply the castings and steel ingots up to 130t, forgings up to 80t, less than 5.5m rolling rings, 2*20m shafts and others of the kind, including rough-machined and heat-treated pieces, The castings and forgings used for ships have secured the quality certificate from the authoriative organization of Norway, CZPT ican and Japan. The space flight castings have past the quality examination performed by the CZPT and CZPT Commission under the Defense Ministry.
Advanced Equipments
(1) 2.3*17m deep quenching furnace(Austria)
(2) Large-sized foundry
(3) 630-8000t water presses
(4) 3*1.5m carbonizing furnaceRing rolling mill with max, rolling dia of 5m(Germany)
(5) 250m floor-mounted boring machine
(6) 6*20m horizontal lathe
(7) Large-sized vertical lathes
(8) 100*4000 hydraulic plate rolloing machine
(9) Horizontal gear hobbing machine
(10) Optical-electric tracing digital cutter
(11)Automatic welding machine
(12)3.5m gear grinding machine
(13)Optical curve grinding machine

Parameters of Forging Shaft

Name Shaft
Material Forging carbon steel, forging alloy steel
Diameter Max. 2m
Length Max. 20m
Module Max. 45

1. ISO certified
2. Form A
3. Cutomized designs are welcome, can produce the right products according to your requirments
4. CZPT are welcome
5. CZPT ized packing are acceptable